2019 LighthouseGMA

Artists Schedule

THURSDAY October 4, 2018

      2:30pm  Artist Table Set Up 

      4:00pm  Rehearsal for Gaither Style Sing 

      6:00pm  Doors Open 

      7:00pm  Main Stage Gaither Style Concert 


Friday October 5, 2018

      9:00am  Business Session 1

     10:45am  Business Session 2

     12:00pm  Artist Table Set Up

      2:30pm  Business Session 3

      5:30pm  Main Stage Concert


Saturday October 6, 2018

      9:00am  Business Session 4

     12:30am  Artist Luncheon (RSVP Required)

      3:30pm  Awards Show

      5:30pm  Main Stage Concert 




5:30pm  House Band

6:05pm  Bart Fortenberry

6:20pm  Debbie Bennett
6:35pm  Sounds of Victory
6:50pm  Mitchell Whisnant
7:05pm  Parables of Christ
7:20pm  Shellem Cline
7:35pm  Singing Epps
7:50pm  Ezekiel's Call
8:05pm  Appointed2



5:30pm  House Band

6:05pm  The Maples
6:20pm  Hazel Sain
6:35pm  Debbie Mills
6:50pm  Bobby Jones Family 
7:05pm  Carey & Sarah Collins 
7:20pm  Crimson Cross Ministries
7:35pm  Cheyenne Cody

7:50pm  Robert Fraley
8:05pm  Toni Walker
8:20pm  Cross Anchored 

LighthouseGMA & Danshell Music Group is based out of Lenoir, NC.  Contact us at: 615.852.5134