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Appointed2 is a full-time evangelistic team, from concerts to revivals to conferences. They are Red Tick Records Artist and promoted by Danshell Music Group.

Shellem Cline

Shellem Cline became the President and owner of Lighthouse Gospel Music Association in 2012. A singer/songwriter himself he desired to help other artists as well.

Mitchell Whisnant

Mitchell Whisnant is a young man who loves to share his talent for Jesus.

Toni Walker

Toni Walker worships from her heart. She will bless you, as she reaches for the throne room.

Bart Fortenbery

Bart Fortenbery is a Christian Country artist and speaker

Debbie Bennett

Debbie Bennett is a master storyteller. Her songs will evoke strong emotional connections as you identify with the people and situations she sings about.

The Sounds of Victory

The Sounds of Victory are a trio of sisters with tight family harmonies and a Danshell Artist.

Debbie Mills

Debbie Mills has a smooth alto voice. A one time country singer, she now sings only for Jesus. Debbie would be a great guest for your ladies retreats, conferences or Sunday services.

Hazel Sain

Hazel Sain is a Southern Gospel soloist.

Sarah Collins Ministries

This husband and wife bring it all. They sing together and Sarah is also a Songwriter/Evangelist

The Maples

This husband and wife duo are just country to their bones. They will bring back some of the older songs you love and have missed too.

John Whisnant

John Whisnant grew up singing with his family, The Whisnants. He is a singer, pastor, radio personality and so much more. In everything he does, he does it for Jesus.


Cornerstone is an evangelistic duo. Not just male and female harmonies but the word and song.

Heaven's Note

This husband and wife duo are from North Carolina and bring a Christian Country Sound.

Cross Anchored

Cross Anchored is a rare male trio. Their rich southern gospel sound will draw you in and their sincere love for Jesus will make you fans for life.

The Parables of Christ

The Parables of Christ are a Southern Gospel trio. Humble and personable you are going to enjoy their ministry.

The Singing Epps

The Singing Epps is a Southern Gospel family group. Started by Wanda and Angela's dad they are carrying on the group.

Donna Kilmurray

Donna Kilmurray is a dynamic soloist. You will love her energy as she leads you closer to Jesus.

The Bristows

The Bristows is a Southern Gospel group and Danshell Artist, that will touch you with their genuine love for Jesus.


Reborn is a Southern Gospel trio. They will bless you with their genuine love for Jesus.

Gloria Nihart

Gloria Nihart is a Country Gospel Singer/Songwriter.

Ezekiel's Call

Ezekiel's call is based out of Doylestown, OH and travel extensively throughout the NorthEast and expanding.

Tony Burchette

Tony Burchette is a Southern Gospel soloist though he has been in several groups and had the privilege of sharing the stage with many well known artists.

Jaidyn LaBorde

Jaidyn LaBorde is 14 years old and using her time and talents for Jesus. An inspiring young lady indeed.

Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges



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