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Whether you are doing a full project or you just need tracks we can help you.

Radio Promotion

Get heard across America and beyond with radio promotion.

Original songs

Are you looking for some original tunes to record?  We've got you covered!


Work one on one with Shellem!

At Red Country we know that every artist is different.  With individual vocal and musical styles, to whether or not you write your own music or play an instrument, we have got you covered. We specialize in making sure your project is exactly the way you want it and that you have a voice in every step of your project.  With accessible studios in North Carolina, Atlanta and Nashville and some of the greatest musicians available, as the artist you will receive an outstanding project, at a price that fits your budget.

Please scroll down to see the current packages Red Country offers.  

Give us a call at 615-852-5134 when you are ready to get started;

let's make some music!

Package A 

10 Custom Tracks 

Vocals on the 10 songs


Graphic Design

100 Retail Ready CD's

                     TOTAL $3000

Package B 

10 Custom Tracks  

1 days vocals

2 days editing/tuning

1 day Mixing/Mastering

Graphic Design

100 Retail Ready CD's

                     TOTAL  $4195


Package C

10 Custom Tracks  (Nashville)

1 day vocals

2 days editing/tuning

1 day Mixing/Mastering

Graphic Design

250 Retail Ready CD's

                     TOTAL  $6500


Danshell Music Group provides Radio Services in the genres of Southern Gospel, Christian Country, Inspirational Country and Country Gospel. Both aabel artist and Indie artist may take advantage of this service. Danshell Music Group will send the artist's current single to charting and non-charting stations along with various programs nationwide. For more information on the radio promotion services contact the office at 615-852-5134. 



Southern Gospel and Christian Country

*Disk or MP3 Only - $350

*Disk or MP3 plus 3 months promotion - $1,000



Danshell Music Group can help you find original tunes that fit your style. Currently we have several writers in the area of Southern Gospel, Inspirational and Christian Country, Country Gospel and Positive Country. We also work with a national publishing company to help you find the exact tune that will be your next hit.


If you would like to record a song written by Shellem Cline please call the office at 615-852-5134.  We charge the statutory mechanical rate of 9.1 cents per copy with a minimum of 500 units ($45.50)

For a private songwriting session with Shellem please call the office for a special Danshell Music Group price.


If you are interested in recording a song with an available soundtrack; you can lease the soundtrack for your recording session.  Track leasing rates are as follows:

1 - 4 tracks - $115 each

5 - 8 tracks - $110 each

9 or more  -    $85 each